• Open Read SQLite Database Files and Analyze with Components

    Get instant knowledge about the process of open read SQLite database files through SQLite database browser program that well-suited for recover corrupted SQLite file.

    SQLite known as light weight relational database management program that is successfully used for developing applications, internet browsers, websites, mobile phones, embedded devices, watches. SQLite database is self-contained, server less, zero-configuration program that more than 2 times faster comparing to other database management program.


    Well Situations for Use of SQLite Database

    Everyone has authority to use SQLite database program according to need because it is obtainable without license because it is open source program. SQLite is well-suited program for many types of embedded devices that must operate without expert human support; it is suitable for cellphones, set-top boxes, television, watches, cameras, airplanes, remote sensors, drones, medical devices and robots.

    SQLite works smartly as database engine for most of websites because the amount of web traffic that can be handling via SQLite is depend on how deeply the website uses its database. In general, a website that gets less than one lac hits should be work fine with SQLite program.


    SQLite Corruption Reasons

    There are many reasons available related to SQLite database file corruption, some are following.

    • SQLite file has been overwrite through wrong process
    • Restore SQLite file while transaction is active
    • Power failure, synchronization the transaction
    • Operating System failure, virus attack and malware
    • Several links to single file

    Easily Recover Corrupted SQLite File and Preview Components

    SQLite Database Browser is specially developed for recovering corrupted SQLite files and open SQLite DB file including components and attachments. This application supports multiple formats of SQLite as .db, .db3, .sqlite, .sqlite3 and .fossil. The tool successfully opens every SQLite db file without having size limitation and preview live scanning report during load SQLite files into software panel.

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